be-moved-logoPhilosophy and Vision

Group Motion observes and expresses the human experience through movement defining dance as a universal language, accessible to all.

Each dance becomes a world of its own, created by original movement , image and sound language, transforming the stage into a ritual space to explore life’s mysteries and individual or collective journeys. The aim is to always invite the viewer in by keeping an open channel of communication between the audience and the created environment.

Group Motion finds inspiration in universal sources – from myth, nature, and social issues to relationships and everyday adventures. The dances evolve from a theme or a topic and develop through a unique process of collaboration among the choreographers, dancers, and associated artists. They are then layered with distinctive combinations of video, text, soundscapes, visual art, and original music. The result is a richly textured, image-filled evocation of the theme or topic.


Group Motion observes and expresses the human experience through movement, seeing dance as a universally accessible language. Our mission is to promote dance and movement as vehicles for personal and artistic expression, education, transformation and collaboration.

This mission manifests through the following ways:

  •  Artistic exploration and performance of multi-media dance theater

  • Ongoing improvisational movement workshops for the public

  • Exchange with other local, national and international artists

  • Biannual platforms to create and present new work for established and emerging  professional artists (Spiel Uhr) and for community members (Performance Project)