The Group Motion Workshop is a resource for creative and authentic expression through dance, music and movement. It offers a space for expression and communication which is spontaneous, deep and direct, allowing for new channels for creative potential to open. The Group Motion Workshop celebrates the language of movement as a language that anyone can speak and understand.It creates a ritual space for building and celebrating community.

The Group Motion Workshop, developed by Manfred Fischbeck and Brigitta Herrmann in 1970, is an outgrowth of their work with Group Motion Multi Media Dance Theater. This acclaimed workshop has reached and moved thousands of people.It has toured nationally and abroad, traveling through Germany, France, Argentina, Barbados and Japan, in addition to its regular Friday night slot at the Community Education Center in Philadelphia, PA. Led by Manfred, Brigitta, and those certified by the teachers training program, the workshop combines highly refined structures of improvisation, movement meditations, and contact dance with explorations of breath flow, sound, and movement qualities. These are used as ways to discover and experience the language of dance. These structures reflect universal patterns of communication found in nature and the human psyche. They are incorporated into a workshop experience to encourage the exchange of human spirit and potential through dance and music.

A group of outstanding musicians accompanies each workshop behind the leadership of Manfred (keyboard) and Brigitta (voice). The workshop creates a space that is safe and explorative, physical and spiritual, healing and energizing – a space for personal and collective journeying into creative growth and transformation.

Open to anyone! No previous dance or movement experience required!