Group Motion is a collaborative organization in all of its programs.

Internal Collaboration

  • The Company works collaboratively in creating new work .Under the direction of Artistic Director Manfred Fischbeck the dancers collaborate in creating the choreography or structured improvisations. Designers, composers, writers, video artists and live guest performers, including dancers, actors or musicians will be invited to join the process according to the respective demands of the particular work. Company works have included original music compositions, including live music performance, set design, costume design, video and film in a variety of combinations. These collaborations and their 45 year history include national and international artists like Peter Rose (film) Warren Muller (film), Tobin Rothlein (film), Harold Jacobs (sculpture), Andrea Clearfield (music), Phil Kline (music), David Ludwig (music), George Crumb (music), Network For New Music, Tim Motzer (music), Alexandra Grilikhes (poetry), Quintan Ana Wikswo (poetry and video) Silvana Cardell (choreography), Rennie Harris (choreography) among others.
  •  The Workshop in all of its different manifestation is presented and directed by the workshop co-directors Brigitta Herrmann , Manfred Fischbeck, and substitute or satellite workshop leaders ( David Ford, Doris Ferleger, Andrea Clearfield, Laura Bertin) in collaboration with accompanying live musicians.
  •  The Spiel Uhr Presentations are created collaboratively between the Company Dancers, and Guest Artists under the direction of Manfred Fischbeck.

External Collaborations

  • Commissions Group Motion has a rich history of commissioning national and international Artists to set new choreographic works on the company, some of which are still active repertory; Susan Rethorst (Philadelphia) “THEN”; Deborah Hay (Austin) “I think not”; Iwana Masaki (France, Japan); Carol Brown (New Zealand) “A View from Here” and “Strata”; Kenshi Nohmi (Japan) “Direction of Harmonization”; Akiko Kitamura (Japan) “Rondo”; Oscar Araiz (Argentina) “Numen”, Wally Cardona (New York) “Revival.”

Community Outreach

The Group Motion Workshop, running every Friday night for over 40 years, open to the community, dancers and non dancers of all ages and from all walks of life can be defined as Group Motion’s most substantial and far reaching form of community outreach .Thousands of people in the region as well as in other parts of the USA and even abroad have been reached by this powerful improvisational dance workshop that fosters creative self expression and communication and the building of community through dance , movement and music.

The Workshop Retreats and the Performance Project are outgrowths (see under Workshop) of the Friday Night Workshop and reach out to community members of all back grounds and professions as well.

For several decades the Group Motion Company was part of the Young Audiences of Eastern Pennsylvania and did numerous assembly as well as classroom programs in schools ranging from KG to 12th grade.

While this engagement did not continue into the recent years due to a restructuring of the Young Audiences organization, we had a number of outreach programs in schools such as the University City High School, and the Friends Select School in Philadelphia and are seeking to continue or expand on them.

Other outreach workshop activities took Group Motion into psychiatric hospitals, clinics for disabled children , clinics for children with eating disorders, juvenile delinquent centers and senior centers.

The Group Motion work programs, always designed especially for the respective causes proved to be deeply effective and engaging in all of these environments.

Another form of community outreach action that Group Motion engaged in during the last three years are Site Specific Performances in Public Spaces free of charge.

They are designed to expose and engage audiences in the art form of dance and music who are under served or would not have an opportunity otherwise.

Spiel Uhr Series (Play Clock)

The Spiel Uhr Series was established in the 1980-ties as a presenting platform of Group Motion. Its purpose is to provide performance opportunity for new work or work in progress to local, national and international artists as well as Group Motion Company members. Over decades the Series has been a vital and instrumental Philadelphia resource , supporting both new and established artists in exploring and making new performance work in dance, music , theater, video and multi media.

A low tech to medium production of diverse programming is presented twice a year, usually in December and February at the Community Education Center Meeting House Theater at 3500 Lancaster Ave, Philadelphia, Pa 19104.

Limited rehearsal space is available at the CEC during the week prior to the performance. Curatorial and programming choices are made by Artistic Director Manfred Fischbeck.

Artists who are interested in participating are invited to contact Manfred at, or by phone at 267 738 0191.